We are a wife (the sometimes Chic one) and husband (the perpetual Geek) team that have a passion for photography and want to provide a valuable service with our skills, talents, and eye for moments. Joe has always been tech savvy, from computers, electronics, anything gadget - he's your man. So when we found out we were pregnant with our first born, he picked up photography to document our new journey. We soon discovered that he didn't just take pictures, he captured moments with an artistic eye.

We started our home business in January 2010 when I, Sharon, was researching for a photographer for one of my own family events. It was my grandma's 90th birthday, and family had flown in from around the world, so not just 'any' picture would do. I wanted to hire someone to take fantastic pictures and capture every cherished moment. I did, however, have a few requirements: a reasonable price and very good pictures.

I did not think that my search was going to be as difficult as I thought. I got several quotes, and was blown away. And then I also looked at a lot of galleries for when the price seemed decent, and none seem to satisfy my standard.

I scratched my head really hard, because I knew deep inside that my husband, Joe, could do an exceptional job, but what held me back from wanting him to do it was that he was a part of the reunion and I wanted him IN the photos! But in the end, because only my husband seemed to meet the criteria.... he still ended up taking the photos!

Now, since that has happened, I started thinking - there must be other people out there that feel like us. Everybody wants a great 'deal', or really awesome photos - but why should we have to choose one way or another? What about family photos? One parent is always missing from the pictures and behind the camera! And moms - don't you hate it when you can get baby to smile but as soon as you put your face behind the camera baby stops smiling for you?

Well, we understand. We've been there, and know how it feels. We have gone through the journey of searching for the perfect photographer for our wedding, maternity, baby, family reunion, and countless other events. So we hope that we can relieve you of some stress and end your exhausting search with ChicGeek Photography!

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Joe and Sharon Lo


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